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Support for Unibet Hand Histories ?
Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:04 am


Great tool ! I just discovered it as I was looking for a way to recreate Unibert HH, as Unibet will not store HH locally nor allow for using a tracker, but allows for copy/pasting the HH directly from the gaming software. Yet this format i snot supported by any thacker I know of.

Then I saw your "copy/paste hh" option, so I was wondering if you would consider supporting Unibert HH through copy/paste mechanism, as it would certainly be a high value feature for all those Uniber player who can't currently review their played hands.

I can provide a sample Unibet HH, maybe, if you feel like having a look at it.
I think supporting Unibet HH format may attract lots of Unibet player to your tool (don't know if this would be allowed by Unibet though...)

Thanks for the great tool
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